Wireless Portable Boom Touch Speaker Boom Box Mini Boombox Stereo BOOMING SOUND as Seen on Tv Creative Innovative Geek Product


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  • Easy to Use: Just lay your device down to have Amazing Booming Sound instantly!
  • Easy to Connect: No Docks. No Wires. No Bluetooth! All you need is a device with an external speaker
  • High Quality: Clear, Crisp, High-Quality Sound that will be sure to amaze you & everyone else!
  • High Tech: “Near Field Audio” technology allows BoomTouch Wireless Speaker to play music at high volume & high quality by simply laying you device on top of the speaker
  • Featured On: “as Seen on Tv”


*Without any cable, no Bluetooth pairing, the phone on top, you can instantly play music


2*Boom Box with the latest technology, and can interact with mobile phone speakers , and then Zoom in volume and transmit out, suitable for party activities, outdoor entertainment excellent choice

3*Compatible with all smartphones with external speakers, MP3 players and other equipment


4*Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charged by USB charging cable, filled with up to 10 hours


5*Contains a USB charging cable


6*With 3.5mm audio input port for MP3 or iPod use, without 3.5mm audio cable

Product specifications                                                                                       


1*Name: Boom Box Touch wireless sound


2*Product weight: 0.28kg


3*Package weight: 0.428kg


4*Product Size: 7 x 10 x 12 cm


5*Packaging size: 11 x 12.5 x 15cm


6*Resistance: 4ohm


7*Power: 3 w


8*Output audio: 100Hz-20KHz


9*Charging voltage: DC voltage 5v


10*Battery specifications: 3.7V 850 mAh lithium-ion battery




1*Open the switch behind the sound,  blue LED lights


2*Put the phone flat on the sound box, pay attention to the phone with the speaker side of the sound on the back (audio back there are two audio sensor points)


3*Turn off the sound when idle


4*When the battery is too low, the sound is automatically turned off


5*Through the built-in battery or connect the USB charging cable for the sound to provide power, connect the charging line, the battery does not work


6*Adjust the volume by adjusting the volume of the phone