2 Side LED 32 Mode Night Waterproof Wheel Signal Lamp Reflective Rim Rainbow Tire Bikes Bicycle Fixed Spoke Warn Light WHoles


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Cool 2 Side 32 LED 32 Pattern Waterproof Wheel Signal Lights

Colorful Rainbow Bikes Bicycles Fixed Spoke Warn Safe Light


100% Brand new and high quality
The product is consist of 32pcs colorful leds
It can flash 32 different kinds of patterns,patterns will be changed every 4second
Pattern is clear and completely when speed up to 20Kms/hour
Conversion function of automatic mode and bright mode


Automatic mode: It is only working at night and motion
Bright mode: It is working at any time except "Turn Off"
Longer pressing button about 2 seconds to turn on or turn off the light,
light first enter into the automatic mode while it is turned on with the 13st-16th led's flashing,then can be changed to the manual mode by just short clicking the button with 1th-4th led's flashing.

Operated by 3 x AAA batteries (Not included)
Could be maximed to 10 hours when it work


1 x 32 LED Mountain Bike Bicycle Tyre Wheel Spoke Light Lamp Flashlight 32 Patterns










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