Vendor’s account will be automatically blocked if the Seller fails to fulfill the following requirements:

High-quality and completely new products

Product must be properly packed for shipping

You must comply with all applicable exporting laws

Items must be shipped within 48 hours after receiving order

Prompt update on listed items

The following products are strictly prohibited from sale or listing at Dropwow platform:

  1. Adult-only products
  2. Alcohol and all alcohol containing products
  3. Animals and wildlife products including animal organs, bones, body parts, skin, and fur
  4. Used products
  5. Art, artifacts and grave-related items
  6. Stocks and other securities
  7. Circulating currencies, coins, and stamps
  8. Counterfeit currency and stamps
  9. Lottery tickets, gift cards, and coupons
  10. Credit cards
  11. Poison, toxic substance, drugs, and drug paraphernalia
  12. Real-estate
  13. Event tickets
  14. Firearms, weapons, and knives
  15. Food
  16. Personal information, commercial secrets, government documents and IDs
  17. Highly explosive, inflammable items including batteries and fireworks
  18. Toxic substance and wastes
  19. Human remains and body parts
  20. Lockpicking devices
  21. Medical drugs, devices, and healthcare for humans and animals
  22. Military items, defense equipment, component parts, propellant fuel, gunpowder, pyrotechnics, and lasers
  23. Offensive and extremist materials, items with Nazi symbols
  24. Slot machines
  25. Pesticides
  26. Postage meters
  27. Stolen property
  28. Tobacco and tobacco products
  29. Travel
  30. Plants and seeds
  31. Infringement goods and counterfeit labels