Kolamom 4in1 Multi-Use Baby Blanket Swaddling Canopy Car Seat Cover Mom Nursing Cover Stretchy Breathable Shopping Cart Canopies


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Kolamom 4in1 Baby Blanket Swaddling Canopy Car Seat Cover Multi-Use Mommy Nursing Cover Stretchy Breathable Shopping Cart Canopies with Carry Bag

About the Product:
  • Keep you baby safe - Kolamom car seat covers help your baby sleep better by protecting him/her from bugs, wind, sunlight, and prying eyes. 3 in 1 Cover.Stretchy fabric fits most carseat canopy, shopping carts, and nursing mothers.
  • Lightweight and breathable - The fabric is so lightweight that it does not add any extra weight to the car seat and made of stretchable material to ensure your baby breaths easy, remains comfortable and calm.
  • Universal fit - Kolamom baby car seat covers fit all the major infant car seats and are so versatile that they can also be used as a nursing cover, shopping cart cover and high chair cover.
  • Great gift idea - Kolamom carseat covers are so versatile, multi-functional and easy-to-use that they make an amazing gift for baby showers, moms-to-be or new moms.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee- It's not just hype. Read our reviews and see what our customers say about Kolamom. We are known for having excellent products and customer services.






Product Description:

The Kolamom multiuse car seat canopy, nursing cover, shopping cart cover is the ultimate baby item for the mommy on-the-go! Each multi-use cover is designed with the highest quality materials to last all year round. Only Kolamom will back that with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee!


This versatile material allows you to cover your infant's car seat. Once covered, your baby is protected from germs, the elements, and strangers! Your newborn will also be able to sleep longer while being shielded from the bright lights while you carry on with your daily routine.


Kolamom supports nursing mothers and that is why we have designed our cover to work wonderfully for seasoned and new breastfeeding mothers alike. Moms can wear it with both arms inside the cover or leave one arm out to allow you to do other things while nursing- perfect for restaurants!


There is a reason grocery stores put sanitizing wipes by the shopping carts. Well, now you can add another layer of protection for your little one while you and your baby make your way through the neighborhood market. The shopping cart cover feature will stretch around your shopping cart allowing your baby to sit comfortably inside without being able to use the shopping cart handle as a teething ring!


At Kolamom we are real people, just like you, who have a baby girl. We know the time and effort required just to make it from point A to point B on a daily basis. That's why it is our promise to help other parents find great products that help them make a good memory for their babies!