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Body Sensing Automatic LED Motion Sensor Night Lamp Toilet Bowl Bathroom Light


  • 100% brand new and high quality.

  • Motion-Activated and Light Sensitive. The light activates when you enter and deactivates when you leave. No more stumbling around in the dark! No More Messy Cleanups!
    Fits any toilet! Flexible rod can take the shape of any type toilet and stay in place.
    Energy efficient--operated by three AAA batteries, which can be easily get and change. (Battery not included)
    Easy to clean. Safety to use. It is smart and energy-efficient affordable device that make bathroom modern, pleasant and easier.
    Set color rotation.120 seconds for 8 color.Each color random 15 seconds or set a fixed color.

  • Description

  • Toilet Nightlight is an smart, energy-efficient light which can make the bathroom safe and easy to use at night.The Kobwa toilet nightlight is motion activated, light-sensitive and solves all your night time bathroom problems. With the touch of a button, you get your choice of 8 different colors in 1 device.Also, it brings you midnight convience where you need it most. Your family will be safer,you'll sleep better and you'll even save energy with smart patent pending technology lighting your way. ABS plastic material is easy to bend to fix all kinds of bowl and wouldn't cause any discomfort feeling when someone sit on the bowl

  • Features:

  • Color: White

  • Material:ABS Plastic

  • Power Supply: 3*AAA Battery(NOT INCLUDED)

  • Power:1W

  • Voltage:4.5V

  • Light Source:LED:LED Light

  • Special Features:Motion-Sensor Activated

  • Light Mode:2 Modes:Stay on One Color & 8 Color Alternate

  • Color:Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Azure, Red, Green

Package Include

1 x Toilet Night Light(Fits Any Toilet )

Body Sensing Automatic LED Motion Sensor Night Lamp Toilet Bowl Bathroom Light

Body Sensing Automatic LED Motion Sensor Night Lamp Toilet Bowl Bathroom Light

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