You have been redirected here because on Dropwow to get access to top dropshipping items and create orders automatically you need to register and do the following:

1.Connect your Shopify store

2.Install the app

3.Import products

4.Set the prices

5.Check how an order is placed.

Please follow the next steps:

1. Connect your Shopify Store with Dropwow. Visit Connect Store page and submit the link to your store.


2. Install the app.

3. Import products. When you connect your Shopify store, you are automatically redirected to Trending Products page. To import a product click “IMPORT” at the right bottom of each product block.


Products you have chosen are imported to your Shopify store automatically. Go to your Shopify account and check Inventory.


4. Set the prices. Don’t forget to set the prices and make sure that you actually get profit from what you sell. You are paying according to Dropwow’s official prices, so it’s better if you add your margin to the price of each product.


5. How the order is placed. After the order has been placed in Shopify, please go to Dropwow account and check it in Orders. The system assigns the tracking number within the next 48 hours.