Go to Products -> Products

1.jpg?1501748460984 Click the plus (+) button to add a new product to the store

2.jpg?1501748496670Fill in all needed information and add images. Don’t forget to add Category. You can choose only one category related to the product.

You cannot set 0 USD price

3.jpg?1501748574610Go to images to upload additional images

4.jpg?1501748663415Click create to save your product. Once it’s saved, Options become available

5.jpg?1501748694646Go to Options section to add a new option

6.jpg?1501748822964Add option name and different variants


If a price and weight are the same, leave the fields empty

8.jpg?1501748926892If a different modifier is used: leave the cheapest position empty and put “+x” to other positions, where “x” is the difference between the cheapest position and others


After the option is created, open options again and check “Inventory”

Then go back to Options and click Option combinations


Click plus button to add different combinations


Create all combinations you have


Now add images for all variants and save


Please be patient while we approve your product. Most products are approved within 24 hours. Once it's approved and published, you'll get notification via email.

If your product isn't approved, you should edit the information so it meets Dropwow requirements.