How Dropshipping Works


is a supply chain management method in which the online store does not keep goods in stock. Once an order is placed by the customer via the online store, the system will transfer the order and customer details to the supplier who will then ship the goods to the customer.

Our main goal

is 100% dropshipping automation. Dropwow lets dropshipping online stores to source products and gets complete automated fulfilment to improve operational time and cost savings.


List Products

Vendors place products on the marketplace. A retailer imports products from the marketplace to the store.

Order & Payment

When the end-customers purchase products from the online retail store, both orders and payments are processed by the Dropwow automated system and customers’ orders are forwarded to the vendors. The vendors get paid after delivery.


Vendors ship directly to end-customers.

Automated fulfilment

Once the end-customer places an order via the online store, the order is automatically processed by Dropwow and forwarded to the vendor. There is no semi automated or checkout process.

Bulk payments

A buyer creates Dropwow wallet and an amount is automatically charged from the wallet for each order when the order is placed. Once the order is delivered and confirmed, the supplier receives payment to his Dropwow account. Dropwow marketplace transfers money to the supplier bank account twice a month.

Order tracking

As suppliers use only ePacket, Dropwow provides a buyer with a tracking number of each order as soon as the order is shipped.