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[VIDEO] Introducing New Ways to Inspire Holiday Shoppers. To build a seamless shopping experience on Instagram and Facebook, new solutions were introduced. Build more engaging mobile ad experiences with augmented reality (4 min read) Read now

Beamer Review: Engage Your Visitors with an On-Site Newsfeed. In this Beamer Review, you'll learn more about how you can keep your audience in-the-know in a way that's easier and more effective than email campaigns (14 min ) Read now

Google debuts Shoppable Image ads, video in Shopping Showcase ads. The new formats, introduced for the holiday season, are intended to help advertisers attract new customers (2 min read)Read now

Secrets the Pros Use to Create Great Facebook Ad Design.In the article you will find the 22 Facebook Ad design secrets that will give your campaigns a boost (40 min read) Read now

The 10 Best Instagram Tools for Your Business. Dive into these 10 best Instagram tools that we highly recommend for your business (10 min read)Read now

Shopify App Store: Discover the Right Apps to Grow Your Business. Looking for more ways to turn browsers into buyers? Simply visit the "Sales and Conversion" category to discover all available solutions that can help you sell more (2 min read)Read now

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Dropshipping Digest #49 | 09.14
When Selling, Make Decisions Based on Data, Not Your Emotions. When deciding what products to sell online you should put statistics and Data above you emotions. Thinking:" This looks cool it will certaimly sell soon - is very dangerous" (9 min read) Read now

How to Sell More Products Online . Use these time tested sales tips from Wix to improve your performance right now (13 min ) Read now

Instagram is building a standalone app for shopping.The app — which may be called IG Shopping — will let users browse collections of goods from merchants that they follow and purchase them directly within the app, according to two people familiar with the matter (2 min read) Read now

25 Creative & Engaging Examples of About Us Pages. If your visitors aren't impressed, you can expect them to leave without reading your awesome content or completing a conversion action, thus creating amazing About Us Pages is a very crucial step (13 min read) Read now

Black Friday Ecommerce: 27 Ideas, Tips &Strategies.Black Friday ecommerce alone is projected to increase by 15.31% year-over-year to $5.80 Billion in the U.S. with mobile sales expected to grow to $2.44 Billion. Learn how to take the most out of it. (23 min read) Read now

The Free Instagram Analytics Apps You Need in 2018
Without the right metrics and apps, you'll never know if you could be doing more to engage your audience or grow your following. (2 min read) Read now

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Top dropshipping articles of August, 2018
100+ Best Affiliate Programs for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs. Understanding what affiliate programs are and how they work can be daunting, but finding the right affiliate programs for you can be the real challenge. Learn How to Use the New Shopping Feature in Instagram Stories to Radically Boost Your Sales (22 min read) Read now

How to Get Your First Sale In 30 Days. A Marketing Checklist For New Entrepreneurs to boost your sales. (13 min ) Read now

Advanced Matching in Pixel. Enhancement to existing advanced matching, Facebook released an automatic version of advanced matching for the Facebook pixel. (2 min read) Read now

15 Creative Examples of Branded Pop-Up Shops. Pop-up events offer the chance for consumers to get up close and personal with their favorite companies in a truly immersive setting. (10 min read) Read now

Product Descriptions: How to Write Persuasive Copy That Sells. There are several things that need to be considered when you think about making money online, however, it can be argued that no matter what business or tactical approaches you may take, the success of your business, especially one that is based on selling products, boils down to how great you are at persuasion. (30 min read) Read now

Social Commerce: How to Drive Social Media Sales in 2018. In Depth guide describing how to come up with a long-term strategy to Drive Social Media Sales and define your goals as clearly and realistically as possible. (36 min read) Read now

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