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$83.6 billion
Back-to-school spending is projected to reach. Source: NRF
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Reducing Cart Abandonment
The Complete Guide to Reducing Cart Abandonment. If your store has a high cart abandonment rate, it means your customers started their purchasing journey but had second thoughts somewhere along the way, learn how to resolve this issue. (20 min read) Read now
How to Get Your First Sale in 30 Days
A Marketing Checklist For New Entrepreneurs to boost your sales. (13 min) Read now
Advanced Matching in Pixel
Enhancement to existing advanced matching, Facebook released an automatic version of advanced matching for the Facebook pixel. (2 min read) Read now
20 Proven Tactics That Will Reduce Your High Website Bounce Rate
Don't lose valuable visitors to your website. Optimize your user experience so that negatively high bounce rates can be avoided. (8 min read) Read now
10 Psychological Tricks to Boost Your Website's Sales
Do you want to boost your company's sales? Whether consumers choose to buy something or not is very often a matter of small psychological triggers. (7 min read) Read now
5 Reasons to Diversify Your Print On Demand Products
But by making your contact page more personable, more inviting and more unique, you'll be giving customers who need to talk to you a better experience. (8 min read) Read now
How to Create Facebook Remarketing Ads and Boost Your ROI
Think how to retarget on Facebook? Learn how to create Facebook retargeting ads step by step, get four Shopify Facebook ads examples to boost your sales.
How to Use Facebook Ads Audience Insights [+Infographic]
Get the most from your Facebook ads! Learn these 2 ways how to use Facebook ads audience insights, implement 4 audience insights tips and infographic of Facebook ad targeting guide. https://market.dropwow.com/blog/how-to-use-facebook-ads-audience-insights
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Dropwow Weekly Niche Choice: Girls Clothes
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