Dropwow is an innovative platform that completely automates dropshipping operations for owners of online stores.

Dropwow lets ecommerce stores do what they do best, which is to market products through their online storefront. Dropwow takes what had previously been a time-consuming chore of dropshipping and automates it, allowing online stores to keep the majority of their focus online, rather than in their distribution center.

Dropshipping is a common ecommerce sales method that allows an online store to be responsible for its online storefront and marketing, but not have to buy or warehouse product. Dropshipping is extremely popular worldwide because the business model has low startup costs, mostly because it allows retailers to ship directly from the manufacturer to the consumer.

The new trading platform connects ecommerce sellers to dropshipping manufacturers and retailers. It is a 100 percent automated ecommerce sales method and is available to online stores in the United States. Plans are in the works to expand to European and Asian Markets soon. Most orders are delivered from China

Dropwow marketplace:

  • Automatically forwards orders to suppliers
  • Automatic forwards tracking details to online sellers
  • Preliminary notifies of final shipping cost, as ePacket delivery costs are already negotiated
  • Collects only the best dropshipping products
  • Does not request for entry fee from online stores

Dropwow makes dropshipping by ecommerce retailers nearly seamless. With more than 10,000 orders being dropshipped globally every day, Dropwow is great for dropshippers because it automates the process. Plus, the marketplace is compatible with standard principles of online store owners’ operations.

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